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Our Process

Guiding Clients:

Our goal is to empower our clients to make informed decisions and take effective action. By evaluating your options that are particular to your unique personal or business situation, we can provide recommendations that will help you meet your long-term financial success.

Our Process:

We value the interview process as an important first step. In the interview, we discuss your current financial status, collect your financial information, and then determine compatibility from both your perspective as well as from ours. Together, we develop a road map around your unique goals and find ways to assist you in reaching them. We will focus on issues such as tolerance for risk, expectations for investment returns, time horizon, cash flow needs, your family concerns, and longevity.

Educate on managing risks:
Often, we race down the expressway of life and fail to consider the risks to our families, loved ones, and/or our businesses. Risks, such as an unexpected passing of a primary breadwinner OR the loss of income due to an illness or disability, can inflict severe financial damage. Such risks can be mitigated through appropriate levels of both life and disability insurance. Also, with the prospect of living longer and chronic health issues becoming an issue, how to provide capital for long-term care expenses needs to be addressed.

Develop investment strategies and a sound financial plan:
With addressing your tolerance for risk, time horizon for certain goals, and cash flow needs, we can build an investment strategy that is unique to you. As part of our process, we will help to define, quantify, and prioritize your most important goals. In the process, we will assist in the development of both an INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT as well as a comprehensive FINANCIAL PLAN. These plans provide a guide on how to build proper strategies to meet your long-term goals.

Building the right portfolio mixture with proper asset allocation
There is ample research that suggests in order to achieve successful investment results, we must carefully consider proper asset allocation decisions. Diversification can help investors be prepared for opportunities. We customize each strategy to meet the current goal and comfort level with risk.

Periodic reviews:
We believe a client’s personal situation should be reviewed regularly to determine if they are on target with achieving their goals. In the review process, we look at enhancing or revising current strategies involving both the FINANCIAL PLAN and the INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT. We address changes in a client's need for liquidity, re-allocating investments, and changes in personal goals. At a minimum, an annual review along with quarterly updates of investment results is recommended.

To review your situation, contact us for a free "2nd Opinion" analysis.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment. No investment strategy, such as asset allocation, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values.